Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (also known as AMVK) is an artist of singular complexity. Born in 1951 in Antwerp, where she still lives and works, she has been active since the 1970s as a visual artist, graphic designer and performer. She has always been a pioneer. She should, first and foremost, be considered an artist for the future. AMVK’s practice is truly interdisciplinary.

M HKA wants to introduce Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven to a wider audience as an innovator of forms and interpreter of moods - as oxygen of the whole society.

AMVK: Works

(c)image: AMVK
Interieur I: Locus Solis, 1989
Other , 200 x 150 x 6 cm
silkscreen paint and plastic foil on Forex on wood

"Locus solis is an enlargement of a drawing from my subconscious. It’s the first of two that I will make. It could have been the beginning of a large series, but it stopped at two. It’s about the artist’s skill. When a schizophrenic person experiences a state of incoherence, he remains in it. Artists convert that state into a creative moment. Yellow is the colour of madness.

As an artist, I started from my subconscious and made drawings of incoherent elements, one after the other, on one plane. Like in an animated film, they evolved in time towards the moment where I stopped. We might call them mandalas.

The use of the same paper has a regulating effect; all events taking place within the rectangle of the paper are scraps of life that, drawn in a context where they interact with each other, come to a standstill. This creates an amorphous setting of different elements, and here they become elements in an interior. To some of these drawings I later added colour, using them for my interactive work Pluriform, 2010."