Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (also known as AMVK) is an artist of singular complexity. Born in 1951 in Antwerp, where she still lives and works, she has been active since the 1970s as a visual artist, graphic designer and performer. She has always been a pioneer. She should, first and foremost, be considered an artist for the future. AMVK’s practice is truly interdisciplinary.

M HKA wants to introduce Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven to a wider audience as an innovator of forms and interpreter of moods - as oxygen of the whole society.

AMVK: Film

(c)video still: AMVK
Overhandig dat Geweer, 2008
Film , 00:06:46
computer animation

"Lust and death, perplexity and disarmament. A way to juxtapose found images against each other. On the one hand a photograph of a hunter in civil clothes, 1940s, the gun at the horizon line, aimed at the frame of the photograph. On the other hand women with bare breasts in impertinent attitudes, 1960s. Doubling, simplification, neutralisation, confronting, situating. The soundtrack reduces the confrontation to a positive abstraction."


Camera: AMVK

Editing: AMVK

Animation: AMVK

Soundtrack: Club Moral

Produced by: Club Moral