Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (also known as AMVK) is an artist of singular complexity. Born in 1951 in Antwerp, where she still lives and works, she has been active since the 1970s as a visual artist, graphic designer and performer. She has always been a pioneer. She should, first and foremost, be considered an artist for the future. AMVK’s practice is truly interdisciplinary.

M HKA wants to introduce Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven to a wider audience as an innovator of forms and interpreter of moods - as oxygen of the whole society.

Le Mal, la Morale et Sentimental

(c)image: AMVK
03 November - 30 November 1982
ICC, Antwerpen

"In alignment with the outcome ‘INDUSTRIELE TYPEN’ and the investigation throughout the written and illustrated press this installation, on request, in the worn out cafeteria of the ICC in Antwerp.
This disgusting place seemed afterwards the ideal spot to present my travel through the dirty inside of the common norms, that lead to most human acts. Here I distilled the movement of the human motives behind each action that has not to do with propagation and maintaining of the species.
These motives always include a starting point
(1), an elaboration (2), and a conclusion, as well as the fact that in the elaboration (2) of things always the sum of the starting-point (1) includes the starting-point plus the conclusion (1 + 3) and the elaboration itself.


1. Le mal                -               vertical movement - stand

  1. Temper                         1’. We want power
  2. Fit                                 2’. We want knowledge
  3. Dream                          3’. We want followers


2. La morale             -             oblique movement - sit

  1. Lust                               1’. Big power
  2. Despise                         2’. Challenge
  3. The soul                        3’. Fertile.


3. Sentimental           -           horizontal movement - lay

  1. Family-embargo          1’. Movement
  2. Structure of                  2’. Attitude
  3. Identity                         3’. Direction.

I have made sure by means of the pictural illustrations to make clear that each number 2 is equal to 1 + (1 + 3) + 2. This goes as far as the spectator adults. At the opening CLUB MORAL took care of an accompying hypnotic effect by the use of sounds and reciting texts on trance.

1. Aggressivity            by stiffness
2. Weakness               by love of ease
3. Power                     by bottomlessness

The under-development zone of misthoughts forms the right coordinates to - definitions as occasionable tables and false ceiling to - in brief, intuition is the perfect timing concerning tourism, folklore + politics of the mind!"